Bluegrass Dairy and Food

Business Insights

Bluegrass Dairy and Food is an award-winning supplier of value-added dairy and specialty ingredients. For over 20 years we have steadily grown to make our mark on the food industry — without ever compromising the values on which we built our family-oriented business.

We credit our success in the ever-changing dairy industry to a few constants. Thanks to our strategic location in the southeast, we offer highly competitive pricing for our clients. Bluegrass Dairy and Food is the only totally integrated company that solely uses raw materials to manufacture custom products. Most importantly, we care about our customers, and we take great pride in providing top-notch customer service around the clock. The results: high quality and great flavors tailored exactly to your specifications every time.

Our products include natural cheese, cheese powders, cream powders, churned butter, butter powders, other dairy products, creamers and shortening powders, specialty powders, and custom ingredients. We now offer many of our products with kosher or organic certifications to better meet the needs of food manufacturers both domestically and internationally.

Bluegrass Dairy and Food is the go-to for many manufacturers who want to develop new ingredients; with our exceptional research and development personnel and equipment, we work as an extension of your team to bring your ideas to life.

With our SQF-certified facilities and in-house laboratory and equipment, we are able to meet both production and service needs for others. We currently offer box, tower, roller and rotary drying, as well as extensive dry or liquid blending capabilities.

Since Billy Joe and Debbie Williams cofounded Bluegrass Dairy and Food back in 1995, the business has grown to offer hundreds of products for the food industry. We’ve expanded from a very small family business to having hundreds of employees, all of whom still embody the professional integrity, flexibility, and operational know-how that helped us thrive in the first place. We service customers across the United States and export our products overseas as well.

Over the years Bluegrass Dairy and Food has earned its place within industry bodies such as Over the years Bluegrass Dairy and Food has earned its place within industry bodies such as Safe Quality Food Institute (certified), The United States Department of Agriculture (Grade A, certified organic), The American Feed Industry Association, The American Institute of Baking (AIB International) and Safe Feed/Safe Food (certified facility).

On this blog we’ll share our general insights into business, as well as some of the highlights of what makes Bluegrass Dairy and Food a one-of-a-kind supplier of value-added products.